Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are research studies that evaluate new medical approaches and increase scientific understanding of a wide variety of diseases. At St. Hope, we believe that this research is key to improving health care throughout the world. Our goal is to quickly translate research findings into clinical care that benefits all patients. Through clinical trials, our researchers learn which approaches are more effective than others.

St. Hope actively engages interest in the following clinical trials:

  • Treatment trials – this type of trial test new drugs, medical procedures, or combinations of treatments
  • Prevention trials – this type of trial searches for better approaches to prevent diseases through medicines, vaccines, or lifestyle changes
  • Screening trials – this type of trial searches for new ways to test for the presence of a disease or health condition
  • Quality of life trials – this type of trial explores ways to improve comfort and quality of life for chronically ill individuals

The Benefits of Clinical Trials

Involvement in a clinical trial is strictly voluntary, but people who participate can experience benefits. Here are some benefits you could receive as a clinical trial participant:

  • Access to promising drugs, medical devices, or treatment approaches before the general public
  • Free or subsidized health care for the duration of the trial
  • A more active role in your own health care
  • Expert medical care at a leading health care facility
  • Close monitoring of your health care and side effects

Current Clinical Trials

Interested in taking part in one of our clinical trials? Click the links below to learn more and to see if you might qualify: