As your medical provider, our role is to provide long-term comprehensive care, managing both common and complex illnesses. We care about you, your lifestyle, your health care background and your health concerns. We provide a full range of diagnostic, consultation, evaluation, treatment and prevention services for a wide variety of infectious disease-related problems. When necessary, we’ll make recommendations for preventive care, treat any current conditions you may have, and refer you to an appropriate specialist or another medical facility if you need specialized diagnostic tests or treatment. We are here to coordinate your care and make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed. If your child has been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS we offer expert HIV/AIDS treatment and preventive care from our team of American Academy of HIV Medicine Specialists (AAHIVM) with extensive experience in prescribing antiretrovirals and tackling complex HIV associated co-morbidities. St. Hope is home to several full-time and part-time clinical treatment experts. Areas of clinical expertise include Internal and Preventive Medicine, Health Promotion and Risk Behavior Reduction, Executive Health, Women’s Health, and Community Health. Their areas of research expertise include Clinical Epidemiology, Quality of Care, Outcomes Research, Health Services Research, Evidence-Based Medicine, Cost-Effectiveness. Specific areas of research interest include cardiovascular illness and health, mental health, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, obesity and fatty liver disease, health care of racial/ethnic minorities, racial disparities, substance abuse and homelessness, hypertension, medical ethics, and medical education.