Myths About the Eyes

Blog by Ivan J. Srut, O.D. Chief of Optometry for St. Hope Foundation I’m sure many of you have heard these myths about the eyes, so here’s the real truth about them! Myth: Eating carrots can improve your vision Fact: Although carrots are high in Vitamin A, a nutrient which is essential for good vision, […]


Digital Eye Strain

By: Sabrina Charrier, OD, FAAO   With this pandemic, many people have a new normal of working from home. This has brought on more hours of sitting in front of computers, laptops, and phones. Personally, I’m still lucky enough to be in the office every day as your local friendly eye doctor but I’ve been […]


St. Hope Foundation Attains First URAC Updated Community Pharmacy Accreditation Recognition

St. Hope Foundation Inc., a leading nonprofit community healthcare organization in Houston specializing in diabetes, HIV/AIDS, obesity, heart disease and mental health treatments, was just named the first organization to achieve accreditation under URAC’s rigorous and revised Community Pharmacy standards, Version 2.0. URAC is an independent, nonprofit accreditation entity, based in Washington, DC, whose mission […]

What is a Virtual Doctor's Visit and How Does it Work

What is a Virtual Doctor’s Visit & How Does it Work?

Once upon a time — before the internet made everything easier — it was common to contact a travel agent to book travel, use payphones to make calls, and memorize phone numbers. However, doing things online has become part and parcel of modern living. It has replaced maps and encyclopedias and ensures fast and effective […]



Blog By Ivan J. Srut, O.D. Chief of Optometry for St. Hope Foundation In 2020 we have seen our world affected in a way many of us have never seen before. A virus, Covid-19, has caused thousands of deaths worldwide, and has left a lot of uncertainty in many of our minds…will we ever be […]


Willie Sylvester Tribute – SHF Board Member

Willie Sylvester A warm, gracious smile with a hearty laugh reminds us of Willie. For more than two decades, Willie marched passionately to the drumbeat of serving many impacted by HIV/AIDS. He was a quiet champion while present in the arena; he gave his all making sure humanity and dignity were forged for a marginalized […]

Is Mental Illness Hereditary

Is Mental Illness Hereditary?

Mental health is a topic that has been gaining traction in recent years. Whereas once it was taboo to admit to needing professional help, it is now more widely recognized that mental health is just as important as physical health. Experiencing any modality of mental illness can be overwhelming and terrifying. Depending on whether you’re […]


Covid-19 Update and a Taste of Tele-Optometry

Blog by Ivan J. Srut, O.D. Chief of Optometry for St. Hope Foundation Since last month’s blog there has not been any new information about Covid-19 and the eyes! Viral conjunctivitis, or “pink eye” remains to be the only issue we’ve seen. Long term that may change, and I will update as I hear or […]


Drink to Your Health

Food is always the best way to improve your health over taking supplements.  Enjoy this smoothie that uses heart healthy cacao powder, chia seeds and fruit. This is a great on-the-go breakfast! Anti–Inflammatory Cherry Garcia Smoothie Adapted from Sunwarrior   Ingredients: ● 1 cup almond milk  ● ⅔ cup cherries (frozen)   ● 1 tsp. […]