World Social Work Day 2017

March 21, 2017 is World Social World Day and St. Hope Foundation is proud to recognize the outstanding work of its social workers. As you may know, social workers provide vital services to the individuals, families, and the communities that they serve.

St. Hope would like to recognize the following individuals:
Caitriona Dolan, LMSW
Priscilla Francis, LMSW
Javier Medina, LMSW
Keisha Moore, LMSW
Kristina Sadler, LMSW
Priya Weise, LMSW
Ro’Linder Wright, LMSW
Carla Yabar, LMSW

So, as we celebrate World Social Work Day, let us reflect on how social workers provide an invaluable service to our communities.

Social Workers…Thank you for all that you do!