Waking Up Is Hard To Do

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Sometimes waking up is hard to do. Just thinking about hitting the alarm and your morning commute alone can be a little depressing. And don’t even think about having to do your hair, make-up and grooming, and showing up to work presentable in a well pressed ensemble. That’s just out of the question right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. There are many tricks and tips that will help boost your energy in the morning and assist you in being more productive and prepared for the day ahead.

First, skip the snooze button. Trust me, I enjoy an extra 10 minutes just as much as the next person. However, it actually does not refresh you any more than the initial time you set your alarm for. And you’re already 10 minutes behind on your day.

Secondly, stretch. Studies show that doing at least 5-minutes of stretching in the morning creates an extra boost of energy and increases blood flow to the brain.

Thirdly, get your clothes ready at night. Picking out an outfit, two for us women who like choices, pressing and ironing it can take away at minimum 15 minutes away from our morning. If you do it at night, it takes the guesswork out in the morning and its one less thing to think about.

Next, figure out a time-saving grooming routine. I live by the 5-minute face. It covers all of the essentials that keep me looking fresh and alert throughout the day.

Lastly, eat breakfast. Aside from the health and weight benefits, eating breakfast simply puts you in a better mood to conquer the day.

Making these simple changes to your morning routine will more time and life to your day. So get up, dress-up, show up and make the most of your day!