Vegetarian Cookout

It’s the middle of summer and the grill is calling your name. Are you tired of the same hot dogs, hamburgers and soggy salad? Try these vegetarian cookout ideas to transform your meal.

Portobello Mushrooms are easy to grill and when cooked have a meaty texture that can satisfy the vegetarian and non-vegetarian alike. Place the mushroom on a wheat bun with Monterrey jack cheese and roasted bell pepper for a punch of flavor.

Skewers are an easy dish to make and can be individualized to meet everyone’s taste buds. Skewer zucchini, pineapple, mushrooms, bell peppers, artichoke hearts and onions, cook until lightly charred. For the meat lovers add beef, chicken and even shrimp to the skewers.

Veggie Burgers can be purchased pre-made or for the adventurous type you can make them yourself using beans, grains and other vegetables. Here is a recipe to try: CLICK HERE