The way I feel about working for St. Hope, is a wonderful and enjoyable place to work for. Since I have been working for St. Hope, I can say that it has helped me to enhance my Customer Service skills, and the way I communicate with patients face to face, or even when they call in on the phone.
I feel as, I can give the personal attention to the patients when they check in with just a simple, “Hello or how are you doing today”? I have realized and come to a point that I personally try to stay on my familiar patients to keep their appointments, and to stay on the right track with their health, because I want to uphold the statement…That patients are more than just a number at St. Hope. We have to show we care and are concerned for them as well. I look at each patient as they are someone mother, father, brother, or sister and we need to provide them the best care that we have to offer. This is my feelings and output on how I feel about working for St. Hope Foundation.

Lakeisha Robinson, Patient Care Specialist

Lakeisha Robinson

Patient Care Specialist