“As part of the Clinical Research and Disease Prevention teams, I can say that working for St. Hope Foundation has been a positive learning for me. SHF has opened different opportunities which kept me abreast with the latest trends in Clinical Research.
I’ve been given a chance to work on various concurrent studies which may someday improve the standards of treatment. Through these experiences, I was able to learn more and improve certain aspects of patient handling from initial patient screening, communication, monitoring, up to follow-up completion. SHF possesses great, highly skilled professionals who never cease to improve the quality of care that they give to their patients. Work-wise, they have willingly shared their knowledge and expertise to me and I’m honored to have worked with these fine individuals.I’m fortunate to work in two departments in SHF and still allows me to maintain proper work-life balance.”

Katherine Ann Asuncion MD, Clinical Research Coordinator

Katherine Ann Asuncion, MD

Clinical Research Coordinator