[YOUR HEALTH] Taking Care Of Your Health

Yuna M. Muyinda
Prevention Manager
St. Hope Foundation

During the time that I spent at the NAESM conference, I was able to attend many different workshops and sessions that tackled many of the issues that are dealt with when it comes to HIV and other diseases. One of the plenaries that I attended that I found most interesting was one that was sponsored by Gilead and was titled All of Me: Black, Gifted and Whole. This session went into detail about the importance of taking care of your health and ensuring that we take care of our own health need to be in the best health possible before attempting to take care of others. Society teaches us that it is important to help others. With that being said, sometimes our own health and wellbeing seems to take the back burner instead of being our first focus. Taking care of yourself first and making healthy decisions allows you to be in the best health to be able to take care of someone else.

Below are a few ways to take care of yourself:

  • Take time to do something special for yourself. Relax from time to time to allow your body to recuperate from your busy schedule.
  • Reduce the amount of stress that you deal with.
  • Schedule doctor’s visits on a regular basis.
  • Report and unusual feeling to a physician. No one knows your body better than yourself.
  • Get plenty of rest!

Being unhealthy can limit the things that you will achieve. To ensure that you can be all that you can be and to be the best help to anyone whom you come in contact with, make sure to take care of your health! Be the best, healthiest YOU that YOU can be!