Tailgate Nutrition!

Who’s ready for some football?! With every football season comes those ever popular tailgates. Don’t let the tailgate season sabotage your health and fitness goals. Be smart with your choices and remember one day of poor eating will not break your eating program, but several weekends of football parties throughout the season can have an effect on your healthy eating plan. Follow these tips to victory throughout the season:

  • Don’t arrive hungry to a party; have small snack ahead of time to curb your appetite
  • Focus on the people and the game not the food.
  • For appetizers, go for the vegetable tray or boiled shrimp. Limit the cheese, crackers, chips and heavy dips.
  • Fill a plate once instead of grazing all afternoon or evening.
  • Set a time to stop eating and drinking (ie, nothing after the 3rd quarter).