Meet Stephen Choy, PA-C, AAHIVS

With my foreign background and interest in meeting people from various countries, I became an open minded and considered person. Often, I am interested to talk and listen to people and think from their perspective. I started from high school in the U.S. and graduated from UTMB in 2005. Working in multiple places in Family Clinics, Urgent Cares, and even in TDC has strengthened my practice in medicines.


  1. What brought you to St Hope?
    The “Hope” is one of the reasons that has motivating me to join this team. We all need hope in life; it supports us to live better.
  2. What is our philosophy on patient care?
    Patient care is all about sharing. We share out medical knowledge and perspectives while patients share their life experiences and internal feelings. I would like to treat each patient as a long term old friend; someone who is willing to listen and to help solving their problems. Friends are more caring and more willing to listen for advice. With the trust in friendship, they are more open to share, and it makes us easier to take care of patients.
  3. What inspired you to become a PA?
    Making someone’s life easier and solving their problem using my expertise is such a rewarding feeling. Studying medicine is always my passion since young. I like to talk to people and try my best to resolve their issues. PA is the best profession that I can combine my work and my interests all together.