[YOUR HEALTH] Snacks On The Go

by Melissa Hawthorne, MS, RD, LD
St. Hope Foundation

Life gets busy and it won’t always slow down for us to eat a healthy snack. Eating planned snacks between meals is a great way to keep our energy level up and prevent us from overeating at our next meal by keeping us satisfied throughout the day. Choosing the right snacks on the run are essential for our health.

Here are a few idea’s for great snacks on the go:

  • 2 light string cheeses + 1 piece of fruit
  • ½ a peanut butter sandwich
  • 100 calorie non-fat Greek yogurt + 1 piece of fruit
  • Low sugar granola bars
  • Cottage Cheese Snack Size container
  • Starkist tuna kit
  • 100 calorie Popcorn snack bags
  • Homemade Trail mix (nuts and dried fruit)
  • 6 Reduced Fat Triscuits + 2 slices of fat free cheese