SHF Employee Of The Month – Dandrea “Niki” Sam – Patient Care Specialist

Niki is generous, selfless, an over achiever, and always willing to help anyone in need. We could go on and on describing Niki’s amazing qualities. She is an amazing mother of 2 beautiful girls! Niki loves staying fit and being active and always eats healthy! She is an amazing personal trainer that will work you to your utmost to get you where you need to be physically. Niki loves helping everyone to the best of her ability no matter what! Niki is like an angel to our patients. She always makes sure they are happy, and when they come in and are not feeling well, she ensures they leave with a positive attitude.  Her customer service is truly unmatched.  We’re so proud to have Niki as a team member, and we look forward to her continuous growth at SHF!