Bring On The Produce…Spring Is Here!

Spring is a great time of year for a fresh start! Pull out your sandals and walk on over to your local farmer’s market or grocery store and pick up some these great spring fruits and vegetables.

Spinach – This vegetable is a great immune booster, packed full of vitamin A and C. Spinach also contains folate and iron which helps prevent anemia. Serve cooked or raw as a side or puree it and put it in a smoothie or a sauce.

Strawberries – This bright colorful berry is full of vitamins and cancer-fighting phytonutrients. 1 cup of strawberries a day gives you your daily dose of vitamin C! Eat them by themselves or sprinkle on top yogurt or cereal for a sweet treat!

Asparagus –This green stalk is great source of folate, iron, vitamin A and K. Asparagus comes in colors of green, white and purple. Try all colors! The more variety of colors in your diet, the more balanced nutritionally you will be! Kid Tip: Roll asparagus in egg and panko breadcrumbs, bake on a cookie sheet and see your kids’ gobble them up! Provide tomato sauce for dipping.