Podiatry Case Files: Meet Sondra

Sondra*, a mother of two with diabetes and high blood pressure, noticed that her feet were scaly, cracked and dry, and nothing would make them feel better. She used every cream she could find, and still noticed her skin was dry. She even bought one of those new foot files that runs on batteries, and noticed her feet were in the same shape. Nothing worked.

If Sondra did not seek immediate care for her concern, the dry scaly skin on her feet could have opened, forming a hole in her foot. Small openings in the skin can become pathways for germs to infect the surrounding skin and would lead to a bone infection or amputations. It’s important to have these areas checked by a podiatrist as soon as possible to prevent further problems.

Sondra is patient of St. Hope Foundation, and was able get some help for her feet. All she had to do was tell the nurse she had a foot problem, and the podiatrist (foot doctor) was able to see her the same day.
When in doubt, get it checked out! Call 713-778-1300 to schedule your podiatry appointment today.

*not her real name