Nutrition In 2013: Setting Goals & Keeping Them

By Melissa Hawthorne MS, RD, LD
Licensed Dietician

Happy New Year! With the new year comes New Year’s Resolutions. Studies find that 80% of people who make a New Year’s Resolution do not follow through with their goals. American Psychological Association found that willpower was the top reason people cited for failing to make positive changes. Try these some of the points listed below to help over power your willpower this year!

New Game Plan for Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

  • Set small weekly goals – S.M.A.R.T. Goals, S = Specific goal, M = Measureable, A = Action oriented, R = Realistic, T = Time specific
  • Tell someone about your goals to help keep you accountable
  • Keep a food journal to keep yourself honest
  • Plan ahead to reduce stressors in life and impulse decisions
  • Reward (non-food rewards) yourself for small successes along the way