VIDEO: Knowing Your HIV Status Makes A Difference

June 27, 2018 is National HIV Testing Day. St. Hope Foundation and the St. Hope Prevention Team are strongly encouraging you to get tested.

Recently, we sat down with members of the St. Hope Prevention Team to talk about the importance of knowing your status and how the testing process at St. Hope works. Take a look.


HIV Stats

New infections are reported each day. According to the CDC, 1.2 million people are infected with HIV and 20% of those people don’t know that they are positive. 20% of all undiagnosed cases are said to be responsible for up to 70% of the new infections each year here in the United States. The fact is that HIV is preventable, and you can reduce or eliminate your risk. And early detection can lead to early treatment and better outcomes.

Get Tested! Know your Status.

Are you looking for a place to get tested for National HIV Testing Day? To find a St. Hope clinic near you CLICK HERE.