A New Year, A New You

There’s no better time to set new goals and resolutions than the new year, but it’s common for many people to forget them or get distracted by the pressures and needs of everyday life. That’s why the best strategy is often to set goals you can achieve by making small lifestyle changes that yield positive long-term results. Here are some effective resolutions you can achieve this year by implementing a few simple changes.

Resolutions to Achieve

  • Change up your diet – It’s easy to get bored of eating the same things all the time, which often leads to eating out or unhealthy choices. Change up the way you eat by learning to make new dishes you’ve never tried before. You’ll re-energize your taste buds, learn new dishes to make for parties, and save money by eating at home instead of eating out.
  • Take time to recharge – The daily stresses of life can build up and negatively affect your mental well-being. Constantly being plugged into the internet and engrossed in work only exacerbates the issue. Take time to disconnect from the world and turn your focus inward, whether it’s focusing on a hobby, meditating, or reading a book for an hour a day. Focusing on yourself can help keep you grounded, clear your mind, and freshen your outlook on life. Take a trip out of town to a cabin or a secluded beach to get away from the hustle and bustle and provide your mind with some much-needed peace and quiet.
  • Change snacking habits – Snack cravings between afternoon and lunch can prove a powerful foe, especially if your workplace provides snacks or is located near fast-food restaurants. Fight cravings by creating snack packs of your own. When you create your own snack pack, it’s best to fill it with high-protein, complex carb food. Hummus, chips, pistachios, and a pear is a great midday combo. Be wary of healthy foods with unwanted side effects, like turkey slices, as the tryptophan in the meat could make you sleepy and unproductive. Eat high-energy foods like apples to keep you going until you clock out for the day.
  • Get more sleep – It sounds like a no brainer, but millions of people don’t get enough sleep. Missing out on sleep can lead to severe health issues in the future, including decreased memory retention and higher blood pressure. Make sleep a guilt-free priority and aim for at least eight hours of sleep a night. Too much sleep can also make you groggy, so make sure you set an adequate time for waking up on days off. Mobile apps can help you track your sleep cycles and set an ideal sleep schedule.
  • Say no more often – Many people overextend themselves at work or with family and friends by saying yes to every project, party, and event. It’s important to re-prioritize your focus in the new year and say yes only to essential things you need to do. Putting your own needs before others is a crucial part of self-care and allows you to engage with others in more meaningful ways.
  • Take care of yourself – Caring for yourself is more than just eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and exercising. Making and attending dental appointments, getting regular checkups at the doctor, receiving counseling when you need it, and practicing safe sex and getting tested are just some of the many aspects of leading a healthy life.

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