New Year… Better You!

With a few days left in 2014 I’m sure we are all wondering, “where in the world did the time go?” And I’m sure we are all looking forward to reading the repetitive “New year… New me” statuses that will be plastered all across social media land. As a result, many of us begun to do some self reflection. We are evaluating our progress, seeing how far we’ve come. Going back over our resolutions to see how much we have accomplished. And with every thought and task, some of us are becoming slightly disappointed at how little things have changed. Let me assure you… It is OK!

Webster defines a resolution as ” the act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, or problem. Remember people, Rome wasn’t built in a day. So we cannot expect all of the quick fixes and band aids that we call resolutions to magically fix many of our problems within a year. Let me give you a different approach, one that has worked for me over the past few years. Instead of making a list of resolutions that are collecting dust by the end of the first quarter, focus on the main goal of it all. The main goal is to simply be a better you, not a new you. We are all wonderfully made and have been provided a specific personality and skill set that helps to make the world go round. So instead of resolving who we are, as if it is a problem, let’s build upon what already makes us special and unique.

We should all be goal driven. If we don’t have a plan we will fail. However, goals are trial and error. The point is to try. Continue to build upon the promises you have made to yourself to be a better you. Know where you stand, and accept it as a starting place. There is no expiration date on simply being a better version of yourself. So whether you want to be more fit, be more financially stable, or simply procrastinate less… Start today! You don’t have to wait. And you don’t have to stop. Be patient with yourself and allow the magic to happen.