Move Your Body, Move Your Body: It’s National Fitness and Sports Month!

In the famous words of Beyoncé,” Move your body, Move your body, Everybody, Won’t you move your body? Won’t you move your body? Hey” Fitness is a lifestyle not a trend. Fitness is an essential part of everyone’s health. Regular physical activity is a great benefit to persons of all ages, body types, and lifestyles. New Year’s Resolutions have passed so start with a new one this month for National Fitness and Sports Month. Let the month of May be the month you make the change to improve your health. Take a few minutes to make a new commitment to a healthier lifestyle.

Here are a few tips that are beneficial for your new commitment to getting more physical:

  1. Find something that you enjoy doing to increase your physical activity. For example, if you enjoy dancing maybe try take some dances classes or even ZUMBA. When you enjoy doing something it never feels like exercise.
  2. Use your time wisely at work, if you have an hour lunch break take 30 minutes for lunch, and take 30 minute walk after. You would be surprise how helpful this can be for your overall increase in physical activity.
  3. Find something or someone that will help motivate you to be physically fit. Encouragement goes a long way when you’re making a positive change.

Remember there are many benefits to a personal commitment to an active healthier lifestyle. Increasing your physical activity can lower your risk for type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, improve overall health, muscular, bone, and heart health.
Take a moment to move your body this month for National Physical Fitness and Sports Month make a difference in your personal physical health.