1. What inspired you to become a physician?
A nurturing quality I acquired from my Mother and Grandmother. Even as a young child I always had the desire and will to care for others. During my pre-college studies, the natural sciences fascinated me, and I was certain at an early age that medicine was my destiny. Initially I considered teaching or nursing, as educating can go hand–in-hand with nurturing. Subsequently, through the encouragement and support of my family (biological and church), and my 3rd, 6th and 9th Grade teachers, I ultimately pursued a career as a physician. Specializing in Family Medicine was a natural for me, an avenue to use the special gifts of being a nurturer, an educator and giver. Bonding with my patients and their families has proven to be extremely rewarding and uplifting for me as I use my “gift” to give to others, and make a difference through inherent compassion to achieve a degree of mental and physical well-being for the patient through the care entrusted to me.

2. What brought you to St Hope?
The similar philosophies with regards to patient care. We have a mutual need for each other as well. Working for insensitive, cattle-call-type healthcare organizations over the years began to ebb away at my passion for medicine. At
St. Hope we aspire to deliver high quality, genuinely compassionate, non-discriminatory health care to those in need. Educating and providing needed
resources to ensure better care for the patient.

3. What is your philosophy on patient care?
Serving as the “coach” on the overall healthcare “team” as we work diligently with the patient to educate and provide them with the tools and means necessary to help manage their healthcare needs and concerns as efficiently as possible. I encourage an active role from the patient by educating them on their diseases, diagnostic procedures and treatment plans, usually resulting in more confidence in me as a provider and usually improving treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. Being a compassionate/ sensitive healer of high moral character caring for patients of all ages from babies to the grandparents.