Managing Diabetes with the Help of Digital Apps

Managing Diabetes with the Help of Digital Apps

Managing diabetes on your own can be difficult, especially with the distractions of everyday life. Before the digital age, people with diabetes had to rely on journal logs, sticky notes, calendars and more to keep track of their health and doctor’s appointments, which only added to the stress of trying to accomplish other tasks throughout the day. Fortunately, the digital age has changed all of that with the development of diabetes apps designed to keep patients on track and up to date on their treatments. However, not all apps offer the same quality.

Some apps are expensive or are initially free but have essential features locked behind paywalls, meaning you have to pay to unlock the full version of the app. You can start with the following list of apps to avoid endlessly searching to find the diabetes app that works best for you.

The Best Apps for Managing Diabetes

  • Fooducate – This free app is a weight loss coach with an intuitive grading system designed to help you make smarter food choices. The grading system includes the pros and cons of each type of food. The app can also help you monitor carb intake, mood, sleep, exercise and hunger cravings. Premium features allow you to add special dietary needs and allergies, but these extras do cost money.
  • Glucosio™ – This app for type 1 and type 2 diabetes tracks vital metrics like ketones, A1C levels, body weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and more. Users can set targets to meet and daily reminders to stay on track with their program. The app allows data backups to Google Drive, and users have the option to share their data via a CSV file.
  • mySugr – mySugr is a diabetes logbook app that is free but requires subscription for Pro and mySugr Coach. It encourages users to set and reach personal goals while providing useful feedback. Upgrading to Pro for $2.99 per month provides blood sugar reminders and the ability to make user-friendly PDF and Excel reports to take to your doctor.
  • BeatO – This easy-to-use platform provides tools and analysis to learn more about your body and track high and low blood sugar levels. BeatO is compatible with a smartphone glucometer and provides a plethora of information about everyday topics and special subjects. It can also sync with FitBit and other devices to improve data and information gathering.
  • Glooko – Glooko accumulates and stores all your useful diabetes numbers in one place. The management app tracks medicine dosage and usage, allows users to count carbs and documents lifestyle information. The app also provides continuous glucose monitoring, insulin pump integration, fitness trackers and blood glucose meters, allowing users to track their progress in real time. Data gathered by the app can help users anticipate trends and assist their doctors by creating an individualized profile.
  • Health2Sync – This emotional support app allows users to invite friends and family for support and motivation. The app displays comprehensive vitals at a glance with an intuitive dashboard in addition to providing more information on individual metrics like weight, blood pressure and glucose levels. Health2Sync acts like a diary and allows users to track trends to determine the cause of issues like mood shifts or symptoms.

Manage Your Diabetes with Help and Treatments from St. Hope Foundation

Treating diabetes requires diligence of both patients and health care providers. At St. Hope Foundation, diabetes patients can utilize extensive diabetes health care services including, but not limited to:

  • Diabetes testing
  • Annual vision exams
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Behavioral health and depression counseling
  • Nutrition and diet assistance
  • Bi-annual feet examinations
  • And much more

The caring staff at St. Hope can help you manage your diabetes with regular treatments and empower you to take control of your condition by providing a supportive community. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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