Is Oral Sex Risky Sex?: Tips & Tricks For A Safer Experience

By Tara Bates
St. Hope Foundation

Did you know that you can contract a sexually transmitted infection from oral sex? A new report from the Center for Disease Control states that 26% of teenagers did not know that they can contract a sexually transmitted disease from oral sex. Many adults and teenagers do not realize the risks and precautions associated with unprotected oral sex.

There is less of a chance of contracting an STI from engaging in oral sex, but there is still a chance. A few ways to reduce the risks of contracting an STI from oral sex are:

  • Do not floss or brush your teeth before you have oral sex. Brushing and flossing open up your gums and can cause sores. Use a mint flavored mouth wash instead.
  • Do not swallow cum or pre-cum from a partner.
  • Use flavored latex condoms or dental dams when having oral sex.
  • Ensure that your partner does not have any open sores or cuts on their genitals.

If you think you may have contracted an STI from oral sex, or you want to make sure you are STI-free you can receive a low-cost and minimally invasive sexual health screening at My Wellness Express.

Remember that sex is NEVER risk free, and before you engage in any type of sexual activity you and your partner should be screened for STIs. Being safe is being sexy.

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