A Priceless Gift For The Holidays…YOU!

In the spirit of the holidays, everyone is searching the Internet and trolling the malls looking for the perfect gift for their loved ones. Fine jewelry, electronics, and the latest fashions are all top the lists of many people. The finer things right? The “things” we value and treasure most, right? Wrong! Well, at least they shouldn’t be.

I use to stress out a lot when trying to figure out what to buy my loved ones to show them how much I cared, especially living far from home. Though they were grateful, I always felt like it was never enough. The thrill was temporary. The applause ended. And my money was gone. I had to figure out what I could give them that no one else could. I thought, “What gift can I give them that they would cherish forever?” I later figured out that the gift was myself.

This season, focus on giving the gift of “self”. With little time left in the year, take the time out to really meditate and focus on the “thing” which you were gifted with from birth. The most valuable possession you own. The greatest “thing” that you can offer the world. It may sound self-centered to say. But I am, we are, the best “thing” we can give our loved ones this holiday season. With all that is going on in the world, we all need to tap into ourselves and figure out what we can offer our family and community. Is it leadership? Is it organization? Is it a comforting spirit or a voice of reason? We all possess some “thing”. The fact is, we need each other now more than ever. We need each other more than a new iPhone, more than the latest tennis shoes, and more than the hottest handbag. So stick a bow on your heart and give your greatest gift to date… Yourself.

Happy Holidays!