How to Fit Sweets in during the Holidays

Water and Gas

This time of year sweets are everywhere! Halloween is just the start of the holiday season, which will last until January 1st. If you are someone who is trying to control their blood sugars, this time of year can be tricky. How do you enjoy sweets and still keep your blood sugar under control?

  • Swap Out – If you decide you want to have dessert then you need to limit your carbohydrates at the meal. For example if you want a piece of pumpkin pie, then make the decision to forgo the bread and mashed potatoes at the meal
  • Keep it Small – A little bit of sugar will not normally make your blood sugars go off the chart. Choose the smallest cookie on the plate or share a slice of pie with someone. These small portions still allow you to enjoy the taste of dessert without all the sugar.
  • Indulge then Get Back on Track – If you decide that you would like to indulge on Thanksgiving, then that is fine. However, Thanksgiving is only ONE day. You must get back on track the next day. Your blood sugars will thank you at your next doctor’s visit.