[HEPATITIS AWARENESS MONTH] Get Tested. Know Your Status.

Hepatitis Awareness

Viral hepatitis is a silent epidemic in the United States and more than 3 million Americans are living with chronic hepatitis C. Every year, thousands of Americans die from liver cancer or chronic liver disease associated with viral hepatitis. Despite these statistics, viral hepatitis is not well known. In fact, as many as 75 percent people with chronic viral hepatitis do not know that they are infected. Without knowing if they are infected, these individuals cannot receive lifesaving care and treatment.

To decrease the burden of chronic viral hepatitis, CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis is developing a national education campaign called Know More Hepatitis. The campaign is aimed at increasing awareness about this hidden epidemic and encouraging people who may be chronically infected with Hepatitis C to get tested.

Testing Opportunities

St. Hope Foundation provides rapid Hepatits C screenings along with expert treatment for Hepatitis. SHF specialty pharmacies offers the latest medicines for the treatment of Hepatitis C.