The Great American Smokeout: A Day Of Change

The latest trend in the US appears to be improved overall health. Americans are paying more attention to what we put in our bodies, but what about tobacco?!?

The American Cancer Society marks the Great American Smokeout on the third Thursday of November each year by encouraging smokers to use the date to make a plan to quit and today is that day.

So the next time you’re reading nutrition also consider the harmful effects of smoking. Choose to focus on your overall well-being. The body’s response to quitting is phenomenal. Imagine that you choose to start eating healthy and within 20 minutes you begin to lose weight, how amazing is that?! Well that’s what happens when a person stops smoking (not literally), the body immediately begins to respond to the decrease in toxins being absorbed. Make a plan…set a goal…and let’s make it happen starting on November 20, 2014.