Be The 10%…A Heart of Gratitude

The holiday season is upon us and I am reminded of the bible story where Jesus healed the ten men with leprosy, but only 1 returned to say “thank you” to Jesus. Why would only 10% return to express gratitude for being healed? The story speaks volumes of how we as humans can build an unquenchable numbness to just saying “thank you”. Maybe we think we deserve everything we have and have earned it? Or maybe we quickly forget the many challenges over the year that we overcame? Or maybe the challenges remain and we see no need to express gratitude? Or maybe we have no spiritual understanding, traveling through life with only a focus on ourselves?

I profess boldly to not have an answer as to why 90% of healed men would not come back and say “thank you”. However, what I do know is I do not want to be a part of the 90% — the ingratitude majority. In 2015, there are countless times of various challenges and circumstances for which I am grateful to have overcame or persevered through. Yes, some still remain but I’m thankful. Openly expressing gratitude demonstrates a connected heart. You are not in this world alone. In the frenetic times we live, may we not stampede over the spirit of expressing our thankfulness. Be the 10% and let the words coming from your mouth express the heart of gratitude.