Turn Up Grandparents…Happy Grandparents Day!

Mrs. Helen D. Mclin was my cherished grandmother. Like many of us, I can remember so many great memories with her. As a librarian, her summers were open for the grand kids to spend the summer with her. I remember how she kept recruiting for the grand child who would become her treasured fishing buddy. Yours truly became that chosen one. I remember catching 41 trouts with her on Mr. Moore’s boat in the Gulf of Mexico. That day I was a very proud kid bragging to all my friends about this unbelievable experience. She was proud of all her grand children. When I look back some 30 years ago, my heart softens and a few tears are shed thinking about a beautifully humble spirit of a woman, couldn’t swim but still wasn’t afraid of the water. She told me of times when she fell out of Mr. Moore’s boat with no life jacket. With the sense of fear, I asked “what happened grandma? How did you get out?” And she would calmly share with laughter how Mr. Moore threw the life jacket at her and she just grabbed it.

There are so many stories I can recant. Now the torch has been past. In December 2014, I became a grandparent, then another grand baby in March. My handle is “G-pop”. How cute you might say? Well, I’m just thankful to God for allowing my life journey to see grand kids. I’m a work in progress as I’m learning my new role. I’ve got another good example to model and that’s my dear Mom. She loves her grandchildren. Be careful, she will tune you out, cut your conversation off because she wants to brag about her grand kiddos. Grandparenting is Love 2.0.

Thank you President Jimmy Carter for signing into law a national observance day for Grandparents. If you don’t know, it’s the first Sunday after Labor Day in September. Help me salute the many grandparents who “love without ceasing”, as they wear the many hats and roles in their family legacy. Modern grand parents today have old school love but a new young swag. They are healthier, more active, dressing younger and living life to the fullest! They are focused on being around to witness the next generation. In my modern day hip hop voice, “Turn up grandparents!”