Employee Of The Month: Mika Sam-Cooper

“I think I can. I think I can. I think I can. I know I can.” We all know this infamous line from “The Little Engine That Could” story and by all accounts represents the tireless work ethic of Ms. Mika Sam-Cooper, the Chief Operating Officer. Over the past decade, Mika has brought a wealth of expertise for juggling all facets of the organization from day-to-day operations and fiscal compliance to human resource management. Many of SHF achievements can be directly aligned to the “behind the scenes” hard work and leadership of Mika. We often wonder where does she get the “extra gear” to persevere through mammoth projects. It’s not the 5 Hour Energy drinks because she doesn’t like those anyway. Rather, it’s an internal flame burning to excel. With a bubbly personality we’ve all come to know, Mika definitely “wears her heart on her sleeve.” Congratulations to Mika on being selected the Employee of the Month. Cheers!”