Egg Safety

Eggs are an awesome protein! They contain essential nutrients and are a versatile cooking ingredient whether it be in a casserole, baked goods or just by themselves. Read these tips below on food safety when it comes to buying, storing and cooking eggs.

  • When buying eggs, add them to your cart towards the end of your shopping trip to limit the time out of refrigeration.
    Store eggs in the original container in the coldest part of the refrigerator towards the back.
  • When cooking eggs, make sure the yolks and the whites are not runny.
  • Eggs cooking in a casserole or quiche should reach temperatures of 160°F. Reaching proper cooking temperatures kill harmful bacteria present in food. Use a food thermometer to check doneness of food.
  • NEVER eat raw eggs, which includes raw cookie dough or cake batter. If making a recipe that calls for raw eggs, such as Caesar Salad dressing, use pasteurized liquid pasteurized eggs or egg whites.