Deep-fried Macaroni With A Glazed Donut Sandwich, And A Side of DIABETES?

By Tara Bates, LMSW
Director of Medical Case Management

64-year-old Paula Deen announced, on the NBC Today Show, that she has been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. This public announcement does not come as a surprise to most Americans. Deen is known for her fabulous fried food, and high fat snacks. Her son now has his own TV cooking show teaching viewers how to cook healthier.

Oftentimes the risk for being diagnosed for diabetes can be greatly reduced by proper diet, exercise, and medical care. Diabetes is not a death sentence, but it can be a major wake up call for a lifestyle change. Deen stated that she was diagnosed 3 years ago, during a routine physical exam. If diabetes is not properly managed it can lead to heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, and in extreme cases death. For the majority of people, diabetes is preventable.
Texas tops the United States in states with the highest number of uninsured residents. And Houston has been dubbed one of the fattest cities in the US. It’s easy to see that diabetes could be lurking in many of our futures, if we do not take preventative action steps now. One of the easiest steps to take in an effort to reduce the risks associated with diabetes is a routine health screening. St. Hope Foundation recently opened MyWellness Xpress, conveniently located in the Plaza Americas shopping center.

The new MyWellness Xpress clinic offers fast, quality and low-cost health care for individuals who need health care, but may not have insurance, or prefer to pay out of pocket. A speedy check-up at MyWellness Xpress could be your first step to wellness, and living a life free from diabetes. Diabetes screening is only one of the many services offered by this new state of the art retail health care facility. Call MyWellness Xpress at 832.767.5465. We’re open on Saturdays and Sundays.

Hopefully Deen’s honesty about her diagnosis will open some eyes, and encourage Americans to make healthier lifestyle choices.