How to Control Diabetes at Work

How to Control Diabetes at Work

The workplace is difficult enough to manage with frequent meetings, unpredictable hours, over-bearing bosses and the client/customer relationships many people have to juggle on a daily basis. Throw in diabetes management and you could find yourself vulnerable to serious health issues.

Even those without diabetes often find it difficult to maintain a healthy diet at work, which is why it’s crucial those who have diabetes are conscientious of how they’re managing their diabetes and related symptoms, regardless of what type of work they do. Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind.

Plan Your Meals Ahead

Meal prepping gives you total control over what you’re eating throughout each workday. The more control you have, the less likely you are to grab unhealthy snacks you may find lying about. It starts when you go shopping – make a list of healthy dishes you can cook ahead of time and bring for lunch throughout the week. Having a balanced, healthy meal you’ve prepared with diabetes management in mind will do wonders for your overall health.

Don’t Underestimate Breakfast

It’s all too common to rush out the door in the morning, settling for either a breakfast poor on nutrition or no breakfast at all. This habit can lead to dangerously low blood sugar levels in the morning in addition to poor production at work. Breakfast foods such as fat-free yogurt, whole wheat bagels and whole grain cereals can be eaten quickly before you arrive to ensure your day begins on a good note.

Plan for Checking Blood Sugar

No matter what hours you work, you’ll likely need to check your blood sugar level at some point during the workday. Two things that can help the process go more smoothly is to first, schedule a time to test your blood sugar levels every day and stick to that schedule, and second, pack a small kit you can take on the go so you’re able to quickly and discreetly check your levels throughout the day no matter where you are.

Be Mindful of Eating Healthy

This might go without saying, but being mindful of what you eat goes a long way toward managing diabetes at work or elsewhere. However, with things like office parties, where cake is the main course, it’s easy to slip up. Try limiting your intake in these types of situations, or better yet, bring along a healthy alternative of your own to replace carb and sugar-heavy sweets.

Stay Active

It can be difficult to get adequate exercise during a typical workday, especially if you sit down for long periods of time. When you’re managing diabetes, being active is even more important than it is normally. Some things to try while at work are:

  • Taking the stairs
  • Taking frequent walks
  • Walking to a co-worker’s desk rather than calling or emailing

Now more than ever employers are contentious of employee health. If your job doesn’t have any sort of exercise or health program, talk to your supervisor or HR representative about starting something like a lunchtime walking group, for instance, so healthy habits are encouraged in the workplace.

Be Open About Your Condition

It can be difficult to share your situation with co-workers. But you’ll find it’s much easier to manage your diabetes when you’re not trying to hide it. Talking to your boss about the importance of taking breaks and planned mealtimes for your condition can help alleviate apprehensions you have about taking frequent breaks and make your managers more understanding as well.

Be Ready to Snack

Carry the right snacks with you each day. If your levels are too low you might not be able to get to your lunch or take a lunch break right away, so having something that’s quick and portable on hand is critical. If you sit at a desk, try stocking it with healthy snacks like nuts or protein bars. If you travel, toss some of these items in your bag and take them with you.

Sleep Well

Getting good sleep before each workday is almost as important as eating well when it comes to managing diabetes. Experts say not getting enough sleep can lead to higher levels of stress the next day, which in turn has a negative impact on your blood sugar.

Diabetes Management in Houston, Texas

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