Comprehensive Vision Services from St. Hope Foundation

St. Hope Foundation is committed to providing comprehensive medical services to the patients we serve, including optometry services. From providing eye exams and filling eyeglass and contact prescriptions to diagnosing and treating visual impairment issues that arises from certain diseases, the vision specialists at St. Hope Foundation can meet all your eye care needs.

Here are just some of the eyesight issues and related diseases we treat.

  • Cataracts –The clouding of the eye’s lens, which blocks or alters the way light filters into the eye, blurring or dimming vision. They are one of the leading causes of blindness among older adults in the United States. Cataracts don’t have a definitive cause, but generally develop and worsen with age.
  • Glaucoma – A controllable condition that leads to blindness if left unchecked and untreated. Modern treatments can’t undo the damage done by glaucoma, but they can prevent the condition from worsening. Glaucoma’s signature traits are optic nerve damage, an increase in eye pressure and vision loss.
  • Diabetic Retinopathy – Affects an estimated eight million Americans with diabetes and is the leading cause of blindness in American adults. A person is more likely to develop diabetic
    retinopathy the longer they live with diabetes. Diabetes damages the small blood vessels in the retina, which affects oxygen and nutrient delivery to the retina, impairing eyesight over time.
  • Diabetic Macular Edema – A leading cause of new cases of blindness in the U.S., diabetic macular edema (DME) affects up to 10 percent of people living with diabetes. It’s caused by consistently high blood sugar, which damages blood vessels in the retina and causes fluid to build in the macula, impairing and blurring vision.

St. Hope Foundation provides comprehensive eye testing and treatments for patients with diabetic eye disease with affordable optometry services, including eye exams and glasses frames. Our patient-centered care model ensures our diabetes patients receive high-quality nonprofit services with optimal outcomes.

It’s recommended that patients with type 2 diabetes and patients who have had type 1 diabetes for five years or more receive an annual dilated eye exam.

Medical Care for Eyesight Complications Caused by HIV/AIDS

HIV infection breaks down the body’s immune system, leaving the body and its organs, including the eyes, susceptible to opportunistic infections. Patients living with HIV while on a steady routine of antiretrovirals typically remain in good health, but patients with AIDS generally experience eye disorders.

  • HIV Retinopathy – When blood from broken vessels spills into and appears in the retina, causing vision impairment.
  • CMV Retinitis – A serious infection that occurs in 20 to 30 percent of people living with AIDS. Caused by the cytomegalovirus, it commonly affects people with AIDS who have low T-cell counts. Common symptoms include inflammation of the retina, bleeding and loss of vision. Left untreated, CMV retinitis can lead to severe vision loss within a year. CMV may also cause the retina to detach, which leads to vision loss if left untreated. Fortunately, detached retina surgery can re-attach the retina and restore vision.
  • Kaposi Sarcoma – A rare type of cancer that commonly affects AIDS patients. The cancer forms purple-red lesions on the eyelids, leading to mass formations on the conjunctiva. Kaposi Sarcoma can be treated.
  • Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Conjunctiva – These tumors of the conjunctiva can also be caused by extended sunlight exposure and exposure to human papillomavirus infection (HPV).

St. Hope Foundation specializes in premier medical care for people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Our comprehensive treatment services can suppress the replication of the virus and address the variety of complications it causes, including vision problems, with a combination of eye exams, glasses, contacts, medication and surgery if a case requires it.

If you were newly diagnosed with HIV or have been living with HIV or AIDS, it’s critical to schedule routine checkups with your primary care physician and have yearly eye exams to ensure visual complications caused by the disease are detected early.

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At St. Hope Foundation, we believe in creating a strong physician-patient relationship through coordinated, holistic care and long-term healing solutions. Offering many specialty medical practices, including vision services, through one centralized healthcare organization ensures optimal communication and information sharing between a patient’s various medical specialists, ultimately improving patient outcomes. In many cases, our eye exams and glasses are more affordable than those offered by other prescription eyeglass providers.

We pride ourselves on providing quality, accessible medical care that is sensitive to the local community’s needs. Contact St. Hope Foundation today to schedule an appointment with medical staff who have the expertise to treat vision impairments and the diseases that cause them.

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