Fusion Center Receives Funding For Creation Of MyFusionTea.Org

Via: Blog.AIDS.Gov

AIDS.gov funded 17 organizations serving communities of color, other communities at highest risk of HIV, and people living with HIV. The funding was intended to stimulate and support the organizations’ efforts to use new media to plan for and support HIV prevention, testing, treatment and care activities and to share best practices within communities at highest risk of HIV. These projects received their microgrant awards in April and completed their funded activities in early September. Each project proposed the populations they wanted to reach and tools they wanted to use (from social networking to video and texting and more), so we’ve heard a wide range of project results so far.

Today, we start a four part series to share what these projects have learned. Because of the recent observance of National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day (September 27), we start with a look at how four of the programs worked to address the needs of men who have sex with men (MSM).

In Houston, St. Hope Foundation – the Fusion Center worked with its community and young adult advisory boards and others to launch www.myFusiontea.org . The website targets young African American MSM (YAAMSM), encourages holistic wellness, and provides HIV prevention information. Tim’m T. West, the Project Coordinator, said:

“[Our effort] truly changed the face of how we think about HIV awareness and prevention…[and] enabled FUSION to launch…a new way of mobilizing YMSM about HIV awareness and prevention.”

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