SHF Employee of Month – Pennye Rohde, PA-C

Since joining the rural medical team 8 years ago, Pennye has made significant contributions to the quality of healthcare offered to our rural patients. Recognized as an HIV Specialist by the American Academy of HIV Medicine, Pennye has continued to blossom in her role within the organization.


ST. Hope Foundation Set To Receive The Unsung Heroes Award

The Gamma Phi Sigma Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc., has chosen St. Hope Foundation to receive the Unsung Heroes Award its’ continued work in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment. The Unsung Heroes Award recognizes dedicated professionals, activists and organizations who work tirelessly to reduce the prevalence and impact of HIV/AIDS in the Houston community.


The Miseducation of the She-Male

“What is the difference between HIV and AIDS? “ A question that many health professionals
assume the general population knows the answer to. However, many individuals do not. African
American women have the highest rates of new HIV cases.