October is Blindness Awareness Month

Blind Awareness Month

If you have been reading the vision blogs over the past year and a half you know that I constantly try to hammer home the importance of having yearly eye exams. There are many health conditions that can cause severe vision loss and blindness that are very common in our society, and an important one that is perhaps not as common but is close to home for us.

Some of the common health conditions that can cause blindness are diabetes and hypertension. Both conditions can result in leakage of blood vessels in the back of the eye, the retina, and the result(especially if not seen and treated in a timely fashion) can be permanent vision loss and/or blindness. It is very important to keep blood sugar and blood pressure controlled as much as possible to prevent this!

The one that hits closer to home for us here at St. Hope is HIV/AIDS. A similar blood vessel leakage in the retina can occur, especially if medications are not taken to improve T cell count and decrease viral load, and the unfortunate result of blindness can become a reality! Go to your medical appointments! Take your medications! See you eye doctor at least once a year! If more visits are needed the eye doctor will let you know!

Other conditions that can and do cause blindness are glaucoma, strokes/seizures, heart attacks, head injuries, eye cancers, and brain tumors! Yearly visits to the eye doctor improve your chances of these conditions being diagnosed and referred to the appropriate health care professional for care!

An eye doctor is more than just a pretty face! 🙂 Your eye doctor is a healthcare professional trained to diagnose and treat eye disease, but is also sometimes the first line of defense against other serious health conditions, listed above! Make your appointment today if you haven’t had your yearly exam and continue to do so for better health care, and blindness prevention!

Until next month…