Awaken The MLK In YOU!

“Dude, what are you doing? You know you’re fast approaching the half century mark, so have you taken inventory? Have you spent your time purposefully?” says little RG who seems to speak when no one wants to listen.

Anxiously I reply, “Ok, ok, don’t remind me. I think I’ve done some good things, but I wish I could have done more to help others. Sometimes I feel like I’ve wasted too many chances.”

“Are you going to just sit there and suck on the ‘ifa-coulda-woulda’ lollipop as if it’s going to resurrect a superhero in you?” exclaims little RG. He’s like an annoying mosquito buzzing around your ear.

“So tell me how you really feel!” I sarcastically yell under my breath hoping little RG doesn’t hear me.  

Before I can respond, little RG says, “And dude tomorrow is a holiday to commemorate one of your favorite legends, Dr. Martin Luther King. Now ask yourself, ‘What would MLK do?’”  

“As a matter of fact, Dr. King only lived 39 years and his contributions are revolutionary to our world. I need you to awaken the MLK in you. Can you do this dude?” says little RG hoping to shake me from slumber.

As flashbacks of memories from my childhood through adulthood pervade my conscious, I remember so many hard fought victories along with some sobering defeats. There have been so many good people who have prayed and exemplified how to live victoriously in the face of many challenges. As an old southerner would say, “they fought the good fight.” Dr. Martin Luther King’s legacy challenges us to always fight for justice and equality for all mankind.

With a racing heartbeat and sweaty t-shirt, I awakened from my slumber ready to fight and live for The DREAM. A transformative DREAM where every inequity in our society has been extinguished. If you didn’t have this dream last night, go back to sleep and have some real-talk with your little person (conscious). It’s time to awaken the MLK in YOU!  

Let us all remember the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King and take action towards ending inequalities in our world.