Hope For An AIDS Free Generation

Hope for an AIDS Free Generation has been the overall goal since this Global Health Day began almost 27 years ago. December 1st, 2015 we unite and take the opportunity to support the fight against HIV/AIDS and acknowledge those who are living and passed away from the disease. On this special day we observe and raise awareness of the epidemic and its global impact.

There are more than 35 million people in the world living with HIV/AIDS, of the 35 million there are 19 million who don’t even know they have the virus. This is why World AIDS Day observance is a very important to raise awareness to work towards an AIDS-free generation. HIV/AIDS is one of the most devastating pandemics in global history.

Presently, there are major achievements in medication, education and research to improve the lives of persons living with HIV/AIDS. Even with the advancements in science, education and medication each year more and more people are still getting diagnosed with HIV and latent stages of AIDS. Persons living with the virus, continue to fight stigma and discrimination.

The reality is there are still a large population of people who have never been tested or do not know the facts of HIV to protect themselves. This is why World AIDS Day is very important, we must all do our part whether you’re HIV positive or negative. World AIDS Day commemorates individuals living with HIV/AIDS and those loved who have died from HIV/AIDS. This global health day helps to increase awareness, education, HIV testing and funding for medication and research.