Kathy Asuncion M.D.

Clinical Research Director

Katherine Asuncion, M.D. received her degree in BS Biology and her Board Certification in Medicine in the Philippines. She moved to Houston TX in 2013 and went on to pursue a career in Clinical Research. She joined St. Hope Foundation in August 2015 as a clinical research coordinator where she managed numerous studies. In 2016, she took on a parallel role as a member of the prevention team. She has been named Employee of the Month for September/October 2017 due to her exemplary performance, commitment to excellence and a go-getter attitude.

What inspired you to become a physician?
Growing up, it has always been my dream to become a doctor. It may sound as a cliché but I have always been passionate in helping others in any way I can. Inspired by the support from my family and friends, I decided to pursue this dream.

What is your philosophy on patient care?
One of the factors for a successful therapeutic management is providing health education. The patients should be properly educated on their health conditions as well as their therapeutic options for them to be able to make well-informed decisions.

What brought you to St. Hope?
I was introduced to St. Hope by my colleague and friend. When I joined the SHF team, I quickly appreciated the diverse offerings of the company coupled with the best people providing top-notch quality patient services.