Tips for Identifying the Flu vs Bacterial Infection

A runny nose, cough, sore throat, and mild fever – your child is clearly not feeling too great, and you want nothing more than to help. But what exactly is the issue? Is it the all-too dreaded flu, or worse, a bacterial infection such as pneumonia? Depending on a few factors, your child could be […]


Flu Drama: Relieving Your Stomach Flu Symptoms

There are few common illnesses as miserable as the stomach flu. Also called gastroenteritis, the stomach flu is a highly contagious viral infection of the stomach and intestines, leading to some intensely uncomfortable symptoms. Although there is no cut-and-dry cure for the stomach flu, the worst symptoms can be managed with a little at-home or […]


How 7 Popular Horror Movies Portray Mental Health

Every Halloween season, people peek through their fingers to watch the most frightening horror flicks. Many of these movies center on the freakishly paranormal, the stuff too spooky to think about during everyday life. But when the main villain is human, these movies often rely on exaggerated mental illness symptoms as shorthand for “evil.” These […]


A Constant Epidemic Disease

Influenza (the flu) and its variances are as common as the seasons in which they flourish, arriving every year to wreak havoc. Most people make it through the flu with simple at-home remedies or prescription medication from the doctor’s office. However, the flu lasts much longer than the common cold (up to two weeks) and […]


Tips to Maintaining Your Mental and Emotional Health

It’s hard to lead a happy, fulfilling life if your emotional and mental health is lacking. Although certain issues, such as depression or anxiety, may require medication to properly address, many people may enjoy more stable and positive mental and emotional health by simply adopting healthier habits. Tips to Maintaining Your Mental and Emotional Health […]


Chemical-Free Bad Breath Remedies

There are few oral health problems more noticeable and embarrassing than a case of bad breath. When bad breath rears its ugly head in public, it can lead others to assume you lack basic hygiene, even if you regularly brush and floss. Before you go reaching for the chemical-filled bad breath solutions at your local […]