Our 2017 St. Hope Foundation Employee of the Year is…

ANA GAYTAN, Dental Assistant, was selected by her colleagues as St. Hope Foundation’s 2017 Employee of the Year, for the first time in SHF history. Her competition was tough though. The remaining finalist, who were named Employee of the Month in 2017, have also exemplified stellar performance this year included Nourhane Badawi, Kenneth Degazon, Shaterri Sampson, Kathy Asuncion, and Dr. Tapan Patel.

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of Ana is… KINDNESS. She treats each and every patient as if they were family. Ana is such an asset to the dental team because she is extremely knowledgeable in the dental field and her customer service is stellar! She really takes her time to make our patients feel comfortable and to ensure all their questions are answered.

Thank you, Ana for your commitment to quality care from your Friends and Family at St. Hope Foundation.