W. Jeffrey Campbell – Director of Prevention Development

“In 2002, after seeing so many black people being impacted by HIV/AIDS, I found myself having a strong desire to be a part of the front line of soldiers who were in the fight against this disease. When the call became very clear, I took off running with a vision to keep negative people negative and positive people healthy.

In 2005, I joined the SHF team as I continued to follow the energy of my vision. Being here has given me the opportunity to work very closely with Black same-gender loving men who are so heavily impacted by this virus. As a same-gender loving man who is negative, it is important to me that I have a stage where I can say to my brothers that you are Black, Beautiful and Worth It! I am grateful for St. Hope Foundation, Inc. It is giving me the awesome opportunity to follow great leadership…provide leadership to incredible people… and to be a leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS until this disease is conquered.”

Tara Bates – Medical Case Manager

“It’s been nearly 1 year since I first started my career with St. Hope Foundation. As a Medical Case Manager, I’m afforded with the opportunity to interact with clients on a daily basis, on a very personal level. Every day I visit with clients and conduct psychosocial assessments, and assist client with linking to various community organizations.

Throughout this year, I’ve met a wide variety of clients. Our clients range in age, race, religion, gender identity, and sexual orientation. Our diverse client population is one of the best attributes of our foundation. Our staff is sensitive to the uniqueness that each client brings, and provides each person with quality care that is tailored to their specific needs. Being able to work with clients with such diverse backgrounds has strengthened my scope of clinical practice.

St. Hope is an awesome organization to be employed by. Not only do we provide premier quality medical services to each of our clients, but the staff actually values the services they provide. The staff at St. Hope Foundation is comprised of team members who support each other, and enjoy spending time together. Working with people who you consider to be your friends makes coming to work a fulfilling experience.”

Dinora Arriaga, RN – Texas Children Hospital

“As a wife and proud mother of three wonderfully active children life can be very challenging. But St. Hope Foundation was a great stepping stone to my nursing career. I was hired at SHF in April 2002 as full-time medical assistant for the Conroe and Stafford rural clinics. During the time I was employed with St. Hope, I was going to school full-time at night taking the pre-requisites for a nursing program. There were many days and nights where I was overwhelmed with my personal, professional and financial life. I wanted to give up my dream of becoming a registered nurse. However, my SHF family would not let me give up on my dreams, as they were willing to accommodate for my personal and academic schedule.

St. Hope Foundation provides excellent healthcare in a culturally compassionate way to many diverse groups while achieving high levels of patient and community satisfaction. St. Hope Foundation mirrors the diverse population it serves and provides leadership to create positive changes in health policy, health delivery systems and most importantly the patients and staff. This kind of leadership inspired and motivated me to become a registered nurse. I have successfully obtained by bachelors in nursing and now beginning to pursue my Masters in Nursing as I continue to grow. Thanks to my St. Hope family for the great work you do for patients and what you did for me. I hope this testimony inspires a working mother to pursue her academic dreams. Don’t give up.