Stanley T. Lewis, MD, MPH, AAHIVS (Chief Medical Officer)

What inspired you to become a physician?

My father was the catalyst. Like most, he held the medical profession in high esteem. As I learned more about the role of physicians in society, I developed a tremendous amount of respect and came to see the work as noble. However, it was not until after I became a physician that I truly became ‘inspired’. It has been said that there are two great moments in every man’s life – the first is when he is born, and the second is when he figures out why. For me, that second moment was when I began taking care of patients with HIV. Unlike any other disease in my lifetime, HIV transcended the sciences that tried to characterize it and cure it. HIV transformed the textbooks of medicine and many other disciplines. It forced me to take a 360 degree view that brought medicine and humanity together like only a global threat can do.

What brought you to St. Hope Foundation?

The mission was resonant with my evolving view of what healthcare delivery should strive to accomplish. The health-care establishment should seek to ‘bring hope to many lives.’ St. Hope embodies that philosophy. There are numerous challenges to overcome, but the SHF approach mirrors my own approach to medical care – create an environment of caring, emphasize dignity and respect, prioritize the patient, strive for excellence.

What is your philosophy in patient care?

I am here to care for patients. I will bring my attention, my knowledge, my skills, and put them to use in service to the patient. I will work hard as hard as I can to prevent disease and maintain health. If disease is present, I will work to restore health. But what is more than this, it has been said that ‘no one cares how much you know until they know how much you care’. I am here to care for patients.