As your medical provider, our role is to provide long-term comprehensive care, managing both common and complex illnesses. We care about you, your lifestyle, your health care background and your health concerns. We provide a full range of diagnostic, consultation, evaluation, treatment and prevention services for a wide variety of infectious disease-related problems. When necessary, we’ll make recommendations for preventive care, treat any current conditions you may have, and refer you to an appropriate specialist or other medical facility if you need specialized diagnostic tests or treatment. We are here to coordinate your care and make sure all of your questions and concerns are addressed. If you have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS we offer expert HIV/AIDS treatment and preventive care from our team of American Academy of HIV Medicine Specialists (AAHIVM) with extensive experience in prescribing antiretrovirals and tackling complex HIV associated co-morbidities.

St. Hope is home to several full-time and part-time clinical treatment experts. Areas of clinical expertise include Internal and Preventive Medicine, Health Promotion and Risk Behavior Reduction, Executive Health, Women’s Health, and Community Health. Their areas of research expertise include Clinical Epidemiology, Quality of Care, Outcomes Research, Health Services Research, Evidence-Based Medicine, Cost-Effectiveness. Specific areas of research interest include cardiovascular illness and health, mental health, HIV-AIDS, diabetes, obesity and fatty liver disease, health care of racial/ethnic minorities, racial disparities, substance abuse and homelessness, hypertension, medical ethics, and medical education.


How do I best manage my health as a woman in today’s markets? Each stage in a woman’s life brings with it specific issues, including decisions about routine care, birth control, fertility, pregnancy and menopause. St. Hope offers a full spectrum of women’s health care services—from yearly checkup and prenatal care to specialized gynecologic care. Our physicians are respected experts in all areas of women’s health inclusive of high risk pregnancies. Our facility provides a wide-range of expertise coupled with our state-of-the-art technology makes St. Hope a trusted advocate for protecting and preserving your health—at any age.


St. Hope’s dentistry program provides a broad spectrum of services from routine dental care to complex restorations We offer dentistry for HIV patients with complex medical problems, including dental health screening for patients prior to transplant, chemotherapy or radiation therapy, management of patients at risk for sub-acute bacterial endocarditis, and management of patients with bleeding disorders. Dental procedures are performed at our Conroe Health Center only.

Our dentists specialize in endondentics and general dentistry with more than two to three years of post-doctoral training who are dedicated to the oral health of persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Goals: We want you to graduate from our practice with a healthy dentition and a positive attitude toward dental care. A healthy dentition is free from decay, periodontal disease and malocclusion. The prevention of dental disease is a team effort, so don’t be surprised if we ask for your help at our office.

For more information, please contact our Conroe Health Center: 936.441.2440


As an established 340B pharmacy by the federal government, St. Hope pharmacy offers medications to patients at significantly discounted prices. The pharmacy is co-located with the health centers to make your health visit efficient and hassle free. Once you are a patient, you can call ahead and we’ll have your prescriptions ready for pick-up on the day of your appointment. Pharmacists with disease management specialty from diabetes, high blood pressure to asthmas and HIV are available for one-on-one sessions to provide medication counseling, education, management of side effects, assistance with filling pillboxes and more. Additionally, the pharmacy will offer flu and shingle shots to our clients. We accept many private and commercial insurance plans (see listing), Medicare and Medicaid.

Please call to make an appointment for a one-on-one session:

  • Bellaire Health Center – Pharmacy: 832.319.7610
  • Conroe Health Center – Pharmacy: 936.441.2440


Through our licensed bilingual psychiatrist, St. Hope offers clinical services for the treatment for chronic mental illness and behavioral medicine. This has been a central component of the health centers. Clinical social workers are valuable members to the treatment team at St. Hope. They are masters- level, licensed mental health professionals trained to help people find solutions to a range of social problems that often accompany illness and creates ripples through a patient’s life, complicating one’s relationships, job situation, and straining one’s quality of life. St. Hope’s team of medical case managers strive to help patients cope with these overlapping aspects of their lives while they heal, using a combination of motivational interviewing, disease management, and community resource navigating to connect to hospital and basic living resources. Depending upon the patient’s needs, medical case managers are often involved in illness education and counseling.


Skilled Case Management Linkage Coordinators (CMLC) provide new patients and patient’s who are returning to care support with service connection. CMLC staff work in a professional patient advocate role to help navigate patient’s to successful medical care linkage. Staff conduct assessments of patients’ social, emotional, interpersonal and socioeconomic issues. They work to enhance patient and family communications with the medical team members to enable patients to be active partners in their own care. In all areas, they are pivotal to the planning process to facilitate a careful transition into the medical program.


Clinical trials are research studies that evaluate new medical approaches and increase scientific understanding of a wide variety of diseases. At St. Hope, we believe that this research is key to improving health care throughout the world. Our goal is to quickly translate research findings into clinical care that benefits all patients. Through clinical trials, our researchers learn which approaches are more effective than others.

St. Hope actively engages interest in the following clinical trials:

  • Treatment trials – this type of trial test new drugs, medical procedures, or combinations of treatments
  • Prevention trials – this type of trial searches for better approaches to prevent diseases through medicines, vaccines or lifestyle changes
  • Screening trials – this type of trial searches for new ways to test for the presence of a disease or health condition
  • Quality of life trials – this type of trial explores ways to improve comfort and quality of life for chronically ill individuals

The Benefits of Clinical Trials

Involvement in a clinical trial is strictly voluntary, but people who participate can experience benefits. Here are some benefits you could receive as a clinical trial participant:

  • Access to promising drugs, medical devices, or treatment approaches before the general public
  • Free or subsidized health care for the duration of the trial
  • A more active role in your own health care
  • Expert medical care at a leading health care facility
  • Close monitoring of your health care and side effects

And if you decide to participate in a clinical trial at St. Hope, you’ll play in important role in advancing
scientific knowledge and helping future patients.


Within the last decade, St. Hope has implemented effective prevention programs that have worked simultaneously on many levels in Houston area from individual levels, social network and community levels, and at the societal structure level. Our goal has been two prong by targeting both HIV/STI high risk individuals along with those already diagnosed with HIV/STI in support of a continuum of HIV prevention and treatment. Evidenced based interventions employed by the prevention team have consisted of but is not limited to: Many Men, Many Voices (3MV), SISTA, D’UP, and Voices/VOCES .

Routine counseling and testing for a sexually transmitted infection (STI) and HIV is offered in both the clinical and non traditional settings. St. Hope’s goal is to empower every individual within the community to get tested routinely and get linked to care and treatment immediately. St. Hope prevention team provide a full array of existing services and interventions to adopt and maintain risk reduction behaviors.

St. Hope’s QUEST team conducts large community testing initiatives for the HipHop for HIV Testing campaign, and the BET College Tour Rap-It-Up campaign, with the ability of testing more than 1,000 individuals for one event. Historically, St. Hope has averaged a positivity rate above national averages due to it’s capacity to establish a true connection with communities of color.


We transport patients to and from medical destinations in Houston. We are serving your needs throughout all of Harris county and surrounding counties. We provide one way and round-trip transportation for individuals covered under Ryan White eligibility. Our aim is to deliver quality transportation service to our customers.

Each year transportation coordinators complete rigorous driver and safety trainings to ensure we are providing our best at all times.